Same Day Wedding Slideshow

A few years ago, Pat and I toyed around with the idea of having a complimentary same day slideshow at the reception of every wedding. We wanted to highlight about 30 images or so that told the story of the day for the bride, groom and guests to see throughout the night. We knew one thing for sure: we didn’t want to bring a giant projector and stop the dancing to make a huge presentation with their photos. We thought about a laptop but it didn’t look that snazzy so we settled on an iPad and found a nice frame for it to slip into and place on a table. We put it all together during dinner since we all [Read More…]

I’ve always had an interest in photography but never had the opportunity to own a “real” camera until I met Pat. He had a Canon 30d with a kit lens and I thought it was the bee’s knees! He showed me some of the travel pictures he took with it and I was beyond jealous. He let me try it out a few times and I had no idea what I was doing. Seriously….I asked what button I should press to take a photo and he laughed at me. Over time, he started telling me what aperture, shutter speed and ISO meant and I was like, “Buddy, I’ll never understand the words coming out of your mouth right now”. Honestly, [Read More…]


Pat and I now have a flow of how we manage our business and what roles each of us have on a wedding day. I have to admit, it took a while to get to this point…but we’re here now. Since we’re not the typical first shooter, second shooter situation per say, things got a little confusing at first. Having clearly defined roles has stopped us from stepping on the others toes (which is very easy to do) and it also makes the day run much more smoothly. We now have both mental and written lists of what each one of us does. This helps tell the couples story much better in the final product. Here it is in all [Read More…]