Our Trip to WPPI

Welp, it definitely takes me 3 times as long to recover from a vacation/business trip than I used to. I’ve been in bed for the past 2 days wondering if I’ll ever get back on East Coast time. Traveling and learning takes a lot out of me now….definitely can tell I’m nearing 30 in just over a year. Yeash! I haven’t had time to go through too many of our”real camera” pictures but here are some from my iPhone!

Pat and I had a really great time at WPPI this year. Since it was our second year going, we went into it knowing what to expect and what classes we wanted to do. We focused a lot on the business side of things because when it comes down to it, that’s where you┬áreally┬áneed to have your act together regardless if you take the best pictures in the world or not. We now have a list of what changes we want to make and patted ourselves on the back for things we are doing right.

We also roamed the trade show floor a few times to look for new products we would want to offer this year. Oh, and so I could get a new cute pink camera bag, obviously. Have to look good while shooting! I waited in line with a stampede of other girls trying to get their hands on a Kelly Moore bag. I swooped in real quick to grab one before they sold out. We also found some companies/products we would like to use going forward. We like them so much we’re actually buying them for our own photos.

We decided to take 2 days for ourselves and explore a bit…

…and for some reason I realized that all trips we’ve taken lately have included us driving on cliff edges.Ladies and gents, I HATE heights! Patty O thinks I’m ridiculous and laughs non-stop at my sweaty palms white-knuckling the handle on the car door with my eyes squeezed shut….oh, and screaming for him not to take his eyes off the road. All in all, it’s needless to say he has a lovely time making fun of me while I feel like I’m bound to go over the edge. If you want to see my get me off this mountain face, see below.

We’re hoping to make WPPI a yearly trip because you get to meet so many people that love the same thing you do, learn from some of the best in the business and you get to be in Vegas for it all. There’s no way we could take everything we heard and use it but its great to hear different perspectives and use what we think works for us. It’s so worth the trip. Can’t wait for 2013!

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