Decisions: Wedding Photography Boutique

When Pat and I first started out with our photography business, we planned on shooting families and weddings. We did a few family sessions and they went well but we’ve decided to focus on weddings only. We would rather focus our energy and be really great at one thing rather than a jack of all trades.

We really love working with couples who are on the road to marriage. Maybe it’s because that’s where we are in our lives right now and we can relate like its nobodies business. Who knows, maybe the outlook will change when we have our own family and suddenly appreciate little bundles of joy. Not that I don’t enjoy their chunkiness right now, because I do thoroughly enjoy some fat cheeks that I can kiss for days. It’s just not where we place ourselves in this moment.

So if you’re getting married and want to work it, twerk it, own it, love it – in that distinct order – then you’re the ones for us! If you’re a friend or family, I don’t think we can deny you some pictures of the fam. I just ask for bigger Christmas presents this year.

Our current child, Kali.


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