Yesterday’s Tornado

So, I had a really funny post written out for today but I don’t think it would’ve been appropriate seeing as though my city is ripped to shreds at the moment. We had a tornado warning here, which we’ve had in the past and nothing has ever happened, so I shrugged it off and kept working.

Later that afternoon, some co-workers of mine were on a conference call and said they were getting off of it because they saw a tornado coming towards our building. I looked up and everyone was staring out the windows. We work in a high rise building in downtown Springfield.

This is what we saw.

It was a 10 mile high tornado running along the river right outside the office. I sat there dumbfounded and right near a window. Smart. I know this is common for people out west but we haven’t had anything like this happen here…well, ever since I’ve been alive. It was one after another and hit different parts of the city and different parts of Massachusetts.  Looks like there’s been a lot of damage and 4 deaths so far. I’ve never seen so many fire trucks, ambulances and police cars in my entire life. So many homes were destroyed and a lot more injuries. Luckily, all of my friends and family are okay. Love you guys!


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