My Current Obsessions


My current obsession: True Blood. Ok, it’s been my obsession for the past 4 years. I might have read the entire series of books hiding under my blanket with a flashlight on a nightly basis for months as well. I eagerly watched the first episode on Sunday and suddenly got very sad. An opening with fairies shooting 1980’s laser beams at each other? This is not what I fell in love with. In fact, it was terrible. Midway through the episode, I thought about moving on with my life and on to something much more mature and mentally stimulating. Something like The Voice or Toddlers and Tiaras. HBO redeemed themselves by putting the second episode online to watch the same [Read More…]


As we all waited for Anna to come down the walkway, Adam paced the area, waiting for his soon to be bride. After years together and three beautiful daughters, they were finally making it official. Their guests joked that they were just getting around to straightening out their paperwork. The look on Adam’s face told another story; a story that no one could possibly fully understand but the two of them. It was a small ceremony with only their closest friends and family in attendance. Their daughters were a huge part of their day and absolutely adorable in their white dresses and butterfly wings; pretty much a photographers dream. As Anna came down the walkway, she was glowing and smiling [Read More…]

I can’t take it. I can’t take the cuteness, the dorkiness and the hilariousness. I was perusing through some pictures yesterday and came across this gem of Pat as a wee little lad.   First of all…I can’t even come up with a first of all right now. Ok, where do I really start? The green mouse bracelet?  Oh, you mean the one that just happens to match his full green sweat suit? Yeah, that’s a good start. Apparently you lifted up the head and it was a watch. I’m so jealous I didn’t have this in hot pink when I was a kid. It would’ve gone great with my gaggle of pound puppies in my arms. Also, how about [Read More…]

Yesterday’s Tornado

So, I had a really funny post written out for today but I don’t think it would’ve been appropriate seeing as though my city is ripped to shreds at the moment. We had a tornado warning here, which we’ve had in the past and nothing has ever happened, so I shrugged it off and kept working. Later that afternoon, some co-workers of mine were on a conference call and said they were getting off of it because they saw a tornado coming towards our building. I looked up and everyone was staring out the windows. We work in a high rise building in downtown Springfield. This is what we saw. It was a 10 mile high tornado running along the [Read More…]