What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot

Now that the sun is shining a little brighter outside, lots of engagement shoots will be popping up in the coming months. For any bride, this equals the stress of what outfits to wear. I know I stress out over what I’m going to wear to the grocery store, never mind a photo shoot.

Here are some tips on what looks best on camera.

The top piece of advice I’ll give you is to wear something that has you written all over it. Don’t change your style too much for the pictures; you just want to look like a flirtier version of yourself.

Think about the location of your shoot as well. Will you be in a park or will you be in the city streets? You can go for the romantic look in a park or go a little more fashion forward for the city shots. I personally love the soft romantic look.

I would recommend bringing a change of clothes to give a couple different looks. You want a casual outfit like jeans and a cute top and then change into a fun dress and heels later on for the sunset pictures.

If you want, you can match outfits with your fiancé but I know that’s personally not my style. I would at least coordinate colors so you’re not clashing with each other. For instance, you don’t want one of you to be wearing all black while the other is loud and proud in lime green.

Don’t pick something with a large pattern. That pattern may be cute now but in 10 years you’ll be scratching your head and wonder what you were thinking. If you do go with a pattern, it should be small and subtle. Otherwise, stick with neutral, timeless colors.

You don’t want to overdue your makeup for the day. While you want to step it up a little bit from your daily routine, too many colors and too much of it will show up more on camera.

Again, it’s all about what you feel good and comfortable in. The main point of the day is to feel beautiful and that will come through if you love what you are and your fiancé are wearing. Pat and I are firm believers in letting you be yourselves while we are photographing you. This makes the day fun, natural and stress free.



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